We cover a wide range of services to the P.O.S. industry that include:

Installation & Merchandising

With upto 20 years experience our Operatives have fulfilled various programmes in almost every high street outlets and retail park and have a wealth of experience in the “point of sale” industry which inc: Surveys –Signage - Duratrans - FSU/Wall mounted displays and Merchandising requirements. They are all fully trained and briefed prior to rollout. Photographic & signed satisfaction notes are supplied on completion of successful visits.


We work on a variety of projects from single sites to nationwide programmes and rollouts. We offer various roles to our clients, either running a job from start to finish or fitting into a team as a specialist consultant. Teamwork and a collaborative approach are second nature to us. A recent campaign was to visit various electrical outlets and report on the best style (3 types) of display that suited each individual store. Measurements and images were taken and the views and local knowledge of the store management team. The relevant information was then processed and the best option display was manufactured & installed based upon our recommendations.

Real Time Imaging

We now offer a ‘real time’ reporting service which has been hugely successful. Clients are able to access ‘images and PODs’ within minutes of an installation taking place via our secure login website where they can view all sign-off sheets and photographs in a catalogue of information that is continuously updated. We can also tailor the login area to show your company detail as if it were your own site. Please contact us to find out more.